WA Mammals 04. Burrowing Bettong to Black-flanked Rock Wallaby


Burrowing Bettong (Boodie) (photograph)

Bettongia leseuer

Common on Barrow Island.  Seen in animal enclosure at Dryandra State Forest where they have now been released into the surrounding woodland.  It also remains on Bernier and Dorre Islands in Shark Bay, and Boodie Island in the Pilbara.


Woylie (Brush-tailed Bettong)

Bettongia penicillata

Common at Dryandra State Forest, Perup Nature Reserve.  Reported at Tutanning Nature Reserve.


Gilbert's Potoroo

Potorous gilberti

Endemic.  Considered extinct until it was rediscovered at Two People's Bay in December 1994.


Broad-faced Potoroo

Potorous platyops



Spectacled Hare Wallaby

Lagorchestes conspicillatus

Seen on Barrow Island.


Mala (Rufous Hare Wallaby)

Lagorchestes hirsutus

Seen on Trimouille Island in the Monte Bello Islands where it has been introduced.  Seen in animal enclosure at Dryandra State Forest.  It only remains on Bernier and Dorre Islands in Shark Bay.


Central Hare Wallaby

Lagochestes asomatus



Agile Wallaby (photographs)

Macropus agilis

Very common in the Kimberley.  Seen at Broome, Argyle Diamond Mine, Kununurra, Anna Plains Station.


Antilopine Wallaroo

Macropus antilopinus

Two seen on the Argyle Diamond Mine village oval in August 2004.


Tammar Wallaby

Macropus eugenii

Common on Garden Island near Perth.  Fairly common in thickets at Perup Nature Reserve.  Becoming more common at Dryandra State Forest, especially along Gura Road.


Western Brush Wallaby

Macropus irma

Endemic.  Fairly common in most of the south west.  Seen at Dryandra State Forest, Perup Nature Reserve, Fitzgerald River National Park, Bungendore State Forest.


Western Grey Kangaroo (photograph)

Macropus fuliginosus

Very common in the south west and south from near Shark Bay to Nullarbor Plain.


Red Kangaroo (photograph)

Macropus rufus

Common in most of the state except the south west and the Kimberley.  Seen near Exmouth, on the Anne Beadell Highway and the Gunbarrel Highway.


Euro (Common Wallaroo) (photographs)

Macropus robustus

Common in most of the state except the south.  Seen at Kununurra, Argyle Diamond Mine, Kimberley Coastal Camp, Broome, Exmouth, Gunbarrel Highway.


Quokka (photographs)

Setonix brachyurus

Endemic.  Very common on Rottnest Island.  Seen at Waychinicup.  Reported at Two People's Bay.


Banded Hare Wallaby

Lagostrophus fasciatus

Endemic.  Seen in animal enclosure at Dryandra State Forest and at the Waychinicup camp ground.  It only remains on Bernier and Dorre Islands in Shark Bay.


Crescent Nailtail Wallaby

Onychogalea lunata



Northern Nailtail Wallaby

Onychogalea unguifera

Seen at Argyle Diamond Mine.  Reported at Broome.


Short-eared Rock Wallaby

Petrogale brachyotis

Fairly common at Argyle Diamond Mine.  Seen on Lake Argyle and at Hidden Valley in Kununurra.


Monjon (Warabi)

Petrogale burbidgei

Endemic.  Restricted to very high rainfall areas of coastal Kimberley and some islands (Bigge, Boongaree, Katers).  Reported to prefer King Leopold Sandstone with open eucalypt woodland.  It occurs at the Mitchell Falls and possibly at the Kimberley Coastal Camp.


Nabarlek (Little Rock Wallaby)

Petrogale concinna

Seen at Little Merten Falls near the Mitchell Falls in September 2005.  Reported in coastal Kimberley and some islands (Borda, Augustus, Long, Hidden) in sandstone cliffs, boulder scree and breakaways.


Rothschild's Rock Wallaby

Petrogale rothschildi

Endemic.  Restricted to Pilbara including Hamersley Ranges, Chichester Ranges, Burrup Peninsula and some islands (Rosemary, Enderby, Dolphin, West Lewis, Burrup) in cliffs and scree slopes.  One seen on Burrup Peninsula in November 2005.


Black-flanked Rock Wallaby (photographs)

Petrogale lateralis

Seen on Barrow Island and Cape Range National Park.
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