WA Mammals 03. Golden Bandicoot to Western Ringtail Possum


Golden Bandicoot (photographs)

Isoodon auratus

Abundant on Barrow Island.


Northern Brown Bandicoot

Isoodon macrourus



Southern Brown Bandicoot (Quenda) (photographs)

Isoodon obesulus

Fairly common at Waychinicup and Cheyne Beach. Seen at Perup Nature Reserve, Bibra Lake, Fitzgerald River National Park.


Western Barred Bandicoot (Marl)

Perameles bougainville

Seen in animal enclosure at Dryandra State Forest.  It only remains on Bernier and Dorre Islands in Shark Bay.


Desert Bandicoot

Perameles eremiana



Bilby (Dalgyte)

Macrotis lagotis

Seen in animal enclosure at Dryandra State Forest.  Some have been released at Dryandra State Forest.  Reported near Broome.


Lesser Bilby

Macrotis leucrura



Pig-footed Bandicoot

Chaeropus ecaudatus



Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat

Lasiorhinus latifrons

Reported on the Nullarbor Plain.


Scaly-tailed Possum

Wyulda squamicaudata

Endemic.  Reported in coastal north west Kimberley including Mitchell Plateau and Kalumburu.  It should occur near the Kimberley Coastal Camp.


Common Brushtail Possum (photograph)

Trichosurus vulpecula

Common to very common in the south west such as Dryandra State Forest, Fitzgerald River National Park, Perup Nature Reserve.  Quite a few have white ends to the tail.  Seen in Nedlands. Sub species arnhemensis is common on Barrow Island and also occurs in the coastal Kimberley.


Western Pygmy Possum (Mundarda)

Cercartetus concinnus

Two females with young seen at the Eyre Bird Observatory in April 2004.  Reported at Waychinicup and Dryandra State Forest.


Honey Possum (Noolbenger)

Tarsipes rostratus

Endemic.  Reported in the south west from Kalbarri to Esperance in rich heath.  Ten caught in pit traps in the Fitzgerald River National Park in May 2004.


Sugar Glider

Petaurus breviceps

Occurs in the Kimberley.  Remains of one held by Barking Owls flushed near Kimberley Coastal Camp.


Rock Ringtail Possum

Petropseudes dahli

Reported in rocky escarpments with eucalypt woodland or vine forest thickets.  This should occur near the Kimberley Coastal Camp.


Western Ringtail Possum (photograph)

Pseudocheirus occidentalis

Endemic.  Seen at Perup Nature Reserve.  Occurs in the far south west where Weeping Peppermint is common.  Reported in Busselton, Augusta, Albany, Two People's Bay.

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