WA Frogs 05. Douglas' Toadlet to Blacksoil Toadlet


Douglas' Toadlet

Pseudophryne douglasi

Endemic.  Found in permanent seeps or deep, shaded, well-vegetated permanent pools in deep gorges and canyons in Cape Range, Hamersley Range, Barlee Range and Mt Augustus.


Gunther's Toadlet

Pseudophryne guentheri

Endemic.  Found under leaf litter, timber or rocks in the south west and adjacent areas from south of Shark Bay to Cape Arid.  Also found on Wooramel River.


Western Toadlet

Pseudophryne occidentalis

Found usually with granite outcrops east of Pseudophryne guentheri.  Very common at Charles Darwin Reserve in April 2004.


Sunset Frog

Spicospina flammocaerulea

Endemic.  Found only in peaty swamps northeast of Walpole.


Derby Toadlet

Uperoleia aspera

Endemic.  Found in flooded sites such as gravel pits in the west Kimberley.


Northern Toadlet

Uperoleia borealis

Found in sparsely vegetated areas of temporarily flooded grasslands in the east Kimberley.


Fat Toadlet

Uperoleia crassa

Endemic.  Found in partially flooded cleared areas surrounded by sparse Livistona / Eucalyptus forest in the north Kimberley.


Glandular Toadlet

Uperoleia glanulosa

Endemic.  Found in roadside drains after heavy rains in the coastal Pilbara from the Trelly River to Mundbullangana and inland to Woodstock.


Stonemason's Toadlet

Uperoleia lithomoda

Found in open tussock grassland exposed to flooding in the north and east Kimberley.


Marbled Toadlet

Uperoleia marmorata

Endemic.  Very poorly known only from near the Prince Regent River in the north west Kimberley.


Tanami Toadlet

Uperoleia micromeles

Poorly known.  Found in a low dune with Triodia at Staaford's Bore and Well 38 on the Canning Stock Route.


Small Toadlet

Uperoleia minima

Endemic.  Found in dense grasslands subject to flooding on the Mitchell Plateau in the north Kimberley.


Mjoberg's Toadlet

Uperoleia mjobergi

Endemic.  Found in open floodplains in the west Kimberley.


Russell's Toadlet

Uperoleia russelli

Endemic.  Found in damp gritty soil under small boulders from Anna Plains to the Pilbara and nearly to Shark Bay except for the north west Pilbara.  Seen at Anna Plains Station in February 2004.


Mole Toadlet (photograph)

Uperoleia talpa

Endemic.  One seen at a bore on Anna Plains Station in December 2002.  Found in sparsely vegetated plains in the west Kimberley.


Blacksoil Toadlet

Uperoleia trachyderma

Found in black soil plains near Kununurra.


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