WA Frogs 04. Woodworker Frog to Weigel's Spadefoot


Woodworker Frog (photograph)

Megistolotis lignarius

Found in rocky areas near Mt Hart, Mitchell Plateau, Kununurra and Lake Argyle.  Seen at the Argyle Diamond Mine in November 2000 on rocky scree in the Alluvial rehabilitation area along Smoke Creek.


Nicholl's Toadlet

Metacrinia nichollsi

Endemic.  Found in leaf litter of karri forests, under rotten logs of peppermint and banksia in the lower south west from Dunsborough to Albany including the Stirling Range.


Turtle Frog

Myobatrachus gouldii

Endemic.  Found in sandy soils (often in association with termite colonies) in the south west (except the jarrah and karri forests) and the wheatbelt.


White-footed Trilling Frog

Neobatrachus albipes

Endemic.  Found in the south eastern wheatbelt and adjacent goldfields from Narembeen south to Stirling Range and east to Coolgardie and Cape Arid.


Northern Burrowing Frog

Neobatrachus aquilonius

Found in sparsely vegetated country near water in the west Kimberley, western Pilbara, eastern Gibson Desert and further south.  Common at Anna Plains Station in February 2004.


Desert Trilling Frog

Neobatrachus centralis

Not well known in Western Australia.  Found south west of Mt Magnet.


Tawny Trilling Frog

Neobatrachus fulvus

Endemic.  Found in claypans and red soils with mulga and triodia from Wooramel River to North West Cape.


Kunapalari Frog

Neobatrachus kunapalari

Endemic.  Found in impervious soils in the wheatbelt and goldfields extending to the south coast at Fitzgerald River and Israelite Bay.  Common at Carnarvon in February 2004.  Tadpoles and immatures abundant at Charles Darwin Reserve in April 2004.


Humming Frog

Neobatrachus pelabatoides

Endemic.  Found in clay or loam soils from near Shark Bay to Israelite Bay except for the far south west from Bunbury to Albany.


Shoemaker Frog

Neobatrachus sutor

Found in clay or loam soils from Wooramel River to North West Cape, mid west interior, south to Lake King, west to Mingenew and Mullewa.  Tadpoles, young and some adults fairly common at Charles Darwin Reserve in April 2004.


Wilsmore's Frog

Neobatrachus wilsmorei

Endemic.  Found in areas subject to flooding from about Ningaloo south to the Irwin River and across to Paynes Find and Kalgoorlie.  Tadpoles at Charles Darwin Reserve in October 2003.  Common in Carnarvon in February 2004.  Tadpoles common at Charles Darwin Reserve in April 2004.


Northern Spadefoot

Notaden melanoscaphus

Found probably in impervious clay soils at Drysdale River Station, Kalumburu and the lower Ord River valley in the Kimberley.


Desert Spadefoot

Notaden nichollsi

Found in open country with sparse vegetation in the west Kimberley to Roebourne, and the interior north to the Tanami Track.  Common at Anna Plains Station and Port Hedland in February 2004.


Weigel's Spadefoot

Notaden weigeli

Endemic.  Found in acid sands with sandstones and tussock grasses (including triodia), eucalypts and acacia on the Mitchell Plateau and Mt Elizabeth Station in the Kimberley.  Poorly known.


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