WA Frogs 03. Slender Tree Frog to Wotjulum Frog


Slender Tree Frog (photograph)

Litoria adelaidensis

Endemic.  Found in dense vegetation at the edge of static or slowly moving water in the southwest from Port Gregory to Cape Arid.  Seen near Augusta in July 2002.


Northern Dwarf Tree Frog

Litoria bicolor

Abundant in marshy areas and common around houses in the north Kimberley from about Derby to Wyndham.


Green Tree Frog (photographs)

Litoria caerulea

Common in the Kimberley in buildings, tree holes and rock crevices.  Commonly seen at Broome, Kununurra, Argyle Diamond Mine.


Cave-dwelling Frog

Litoria cavernicola

Endemic.  Found only in caves in the sandstone gorges of the Mitchell Plateau in the north Kimberley.


Copland's Rock Frog

Litoria coplandi

Found mostly among rocks along creeks throughout most of the Kimberley (except far west).


Spotted-thighed Frog

Litoria cyclorhyncha

Endemic.  Found near swamps and permanent water from Cordinup River (east of Albany) east to Cape Arid and north to Broomehill and Scaddan.  Generally doesn't overlap with Litoria moorei.  Seen at Ravensthorpe in May 2004.


Dahl's Aquatic Frog

Litoria dahlii

Rarely recorded in Western Australia but probably more widely distributed.  Found around the edge of permanent water along the King River near Wyndham in the east Kimberley.


Peter's Frog

Litoria inermis

Found in grasslands and stream sides throughout most of the Kimberley (except far west).


Rockhole Frog

Litoria meiriana

Found near rock pools and creeks draining rocky areas in areas throughout most of the Kimberley (except the west).  Often shelters in caves.


Javelin Frog

Litoria microbelos

Found in dense tufts of low growing grasses in the Mitchell Plateau in the north Kimberley.


Motorbike Frog / Western Bell Frog (photographs)

Litoria moorei

Endemic.  Found near areas of permanent water in the south west from the Murchison River south to the Pallinup River (east of Albany).  Fairly common in Perth gardens near fish ponds.  Seen at Welshpool, Armadale, Augusta, Lower King (near Albany), Stirling Range, Cheyne Beach Road.  Fantastic call!


Rocket Frog

Litoria nasuta

Found in a variety of habitats across most of the Kimberley.


Pale Frog (photographs)

Litoria pallida

Found in temporarily flooded grasslands in the Kimberley (except the far west).  Seen at the Argyle Diamond Mine in November 2000.


Roth's Tree Frog

Litoria rothii

Found on boughs overhanging water and on exposed beams in houses throughout the Kimberley.  Seen at 12 Mile at Broome in January 2004.


Desert Tree Frog (photograph)

Litoria rubella

Found in a wide variety of habitats including houses in the Kimberley, Pilbara and Gascoyne.  Commonly seen in Anna Plains Station, Broome, Kununurra and the Argyle Diamond Mine.


Magnificent Tree Frog

Litoria splendida

Found in caves, rock crevices and buildings in the Kimberley (except the west).


Tornier's Frog

Litoria tornieri

Found near shallow, permanent swamps and flooded areas in the north Kimberley.


Wotjulum Frog

Litoria wotjulumensis

Found near slow flowing creeks and in the wet season on the flood plains in the Kimberley (except the west).


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