WA Frogs 02. Western Spotted Frog to Spotted Grass Frog


Western Spotted Frog

Heleioporus albopunctatus

Endemic.  Found on the banks of ephemeral watercourses, swamps and claypans in the wheatbelt and adjacent goldfields from Kalbarri south to Moore River and east to Frank Hann National Park and Jerramungup.  Seen at Dryandra State Forest in April 2005 where it was calling and breeding after recent rains.


Hooting Frog

Heleioporus barycragus

Endemic.  Found along winter flowing watercourses usually on clay or granite in the Darling Range from Bullsbrook to Darkan.  Also found at Dryandra State Forest.


Moaning Frog (photograph)

Heleioporus eyrei

Endemic.  Found in sandy swampy areas in coastal and near coastal areas from Geraldton to Cape Arid.  Inland to Corrigin and Jerramungup.  Also found on Rottnest Island.  Seen on Cheyne Beach Road in April 2003.


Whooping Frog

Heleioporus inornatus

Endemic.  Found in sandy, acid peat bogs in the Darling Range from Chidlow to Cape Leeuwin, and along the south coast from Walpole to nearly Albany.


Sand Frog

Heleioporus psammophilus

Endemic.  Found in sand and sandy clays along the coastal plain from the Irwin River to Margaret River, and along the south coast from Windy Harbour to Jerramungup.


Marbled Frog

Limnodynastes convexiusculus

Found in low lying areas exposed to flooding in the north and east Kimberley.


Flat-headed Frog

Limnodynastes depressus

Found on the edge of billabongs in the east Kimberley on Lissadell Station.  Formerly found at the Argyle Homestead which is now flooded by Lake Argyle.


Banjo Frog / Pobblebonk Frog (photographs)

Limnodynastes dorsalis

Found in winter months in vegetation near permanent water in the south west and slightly further east from the Murchison River to Cape Arid.  Heard at Christmas Tree Well in September 2002.  Seen on Cheyne Beach Road in April 2003.


Ornate Frog (photograph)

Limnodynastes ornatus

Found in areas subject to flooding in the Kimberley.  Seen at the Argyle Diamond Mine in November 2000. Very common in Broome in January / February 2002.


Spencer's Frog

Limnodynastes spenceri

Found in sandy soils within rocky terrain such as sandy creek beds in three areas of the west Pilbara and Gascoyne, the De Grey and the northern goldfields.  Seen at Port Hedland in February 2004.


Spotted Grass Frog (introduced)

Limnodynastes tasmaniensis

Found along roadsides at the base of dense grasses near Kununurra.


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