Shy Albatross (Diomedea cauta)

The following are some photographs of Shy Albatross.  The photographs below are of the nominate race cauta which is the most often recorded in Australia and especially Western Australia.  There was one race salvini seen on the August 2001 pelagic from Hillarys which is very rarely recorded in Western Australia.

race cauta race cauta
Hillarys Pelagic September 1998 Hillarys Pelagic August 1998


race salvini race salvini
Hillarys Pelagic August 2001 Hillarys Pelagic August 2001
Photo by Shane Raidal Photo by Shane Raidal

Shy Albatross is a fairly common albatross seen off the southern and south west coast of Western Australia in winter and early spring.  They usually come close to the boat during pelagic trips and can be photographed fairly easily.  They can be seen from the coast as far north as Cape Naturaliste, and occasionally as far north as Perth.  You may still find a few off the south coast in summer.

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