Oriental Plover (Charadrius veredus)

The following are some photographs of an Oriental Plover banded at Broome in September 1992.

Oriental Plovers are a summer migrant to northern Australia including the Kimberley, with a few travelling further to the Pilbara.  They return to the north west in September.  In Broome, they first land on the beach before they move inland.  Flocks of 10,000+ have been reported.  In December 2002 we counted more than 30,000  along 80 Mile Beach at Anna Plains Station.  The following photograph shows some of them.  They seemed to roost on the beach during the heat of the day, and then move on to the plain in the late afternoon.

Waders banded in the north west have plastic yellow leg flags on their upper leg.  Please report any sightings away from the north west.

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