Mistletoebird (Dicaeum hirundinaceum)

The following are some photographs of Mistletoebirds banded at Broome in September 1992.

Female Mistletoebird

The male is especially stunning.  They are often heard, but can be hard to see at the top of trees.

Male Mistletoebird

Their preferred diet are the berries of mistletoe.  I have also seen them feeding on the "peppercorn" trees at Northam near the weir.  They digest the berry and shortly after deposit it on a branch.  Some mistletoes are hard to distinguish from the host tree while others stand out.

They are fairly common throughout the year in the Kimberley, but they are migratory to some extent in the south.  In Perth they are usually only found in summer (departing in February), although I have seen them at Wungong Gorge in the autumn.  At Northam I have seen them in winter and early spring.

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