WA Birds 17. Jacky Winter to Varied Sittella


Jacky Winter

Microeca fascinans

Occurs in most of WA.  Generally uncommon but some birds seem to be resident and can be reliably found.  Seen at Kununurra, Argyle Diamond Mine, Broome, Dryandra State Forest.


Lemon-bellied Flycatcher

Microeca fascinans

'Kimberley' race tormenti endemic to WA.  Fairly common at Kimberley Coastal Camp.  Seen at Derby, Broome, Barred Creek and Wyndham wharf.  Nominate race reported near Kununurra and Wyndham.


Scarlet Robin

Petroica multicolor

Common in the south west.  Wungong Gorge / Bungendore State Forest is a good site.


Red-capped Robin

Petroica goodenovii

Occurs in most of WA except the Kimberley.  Seen at Rottnest Island, Dryandra State Forest, Flynn Road, Yalgoo, Cue, Hyden.  Reported at Broome.


Hooded Robin

Melanodryas cucullata

Occurs in most of WA especially in the drier areas and mulga.  Common at Cue.  Seen at Yalgoo, near Payne's Find, Dryandra State Forest, Flynn Road, Gibson Desert.


Western Yellow Robin (photograph)

Eopsaltria griseogularis

Occurs in jarrah / marri forest and wandoo in the south west.  It extends north of Kalbarri and west to Eyre Bird Observatory.  A pair can reliably be seen at Bungendore State Forest.  Fairly common at Flynn Road, Dryandra State Forest, Boyagin Rock, Stirling Ranges and Muir Highway near Rocky Gully and Lake Muir.  Seen at Kalbarri, Gleneagles State Forest.


White-breasted Robin

Eopsaltria georgiana

Endemic.  Very common in karri forest in the south west. e.g. Porongorups, One Tree Bridge near Manjimup.  Common at Albany, Waychinicup.  Best sites near Perth are Wungong Gorge and Gleneagles.  See at Nanga Mill.  Responds well to pishing and piping whistles.


Mangrove Robin (photograph)

Eopsaltria pulverulenta

Common near the Kimberley Coastal Camp.  Seen at Derby wharf.  Seen at Mangrove Bay near Exmouth.


White-browed Robin

Poecilodryas superciliosa

Fairly common at Kununurra.  Seen at King River near Wyndham, Argyle Diamond Mine, Geikie Gorge, Isdell River.


Southern Scrub-robin (photograph)

Drymodes brunneopygia

Seen at Stirling Range, Fitzgerald River, near Ravensthorpe, Eyre Bird Observatory, Kalbarri, Monkey Mia.


Grey-crowned Babbler (photographs)

Pomatostomus temporalis

Very common in the Kimberley.  Occurs in the Pilbara and Gascoyne.  Seen furthest south at Yalgoo and Nallan Station and east in the Gibson Desert.


White-browed Babbler

Pomatostomus superciliosus

Seen at Dryandra, Eyre Bird Observatory, McDermid Rock, Nallan Station, Yalgoo, Geraldton, Kalbarri, Gibson Desert.


Western Whipbird

Psophodes nigrogularis

It prefers mallee heath.  Most easily seen at Fitzgerald River.  Seen at Waychinicup and heard at Two People's Bay.  Reported in the Stirling Ranges.  It spends most time on the ground but it often calls from a perch one to two metres off the ground.


Chiming Wedgebill

Psophodes occidentalis

Very common at Shark Bay and Monkey Mia, and near Carnarvon.  Fairly common at Nallan Station near Cue, Warne River.


Chestnut Quail-thrush

Cinclosoma castanotus

Seen at Eyre Bird Observatory, near McDermid Rock, near Balladonia. Reported at White Wells Station.  Probably heard at Kalbarri and just south of Payne's Find.


Cinnamon Quail-thrush (Nullarbor race)

Cinclosoma cinnamomeum

Reported on Nullarbor Plain in areas of blue bush.


Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush

Cinclosoma castaneothorax

Fairly common to common near Cue.  Seen on the Kidson Track in July 1993.  Reported at the Mount Magnet golf course.


Varied Sittella

Daphoenositta chrysoptera

Occurs in groups in most of WA.  The best sites are Bungendore State Forest and Fitzgerald River bridge.  See at Kununurra, Argyle Diamond Mine, Derby, Nallan Station, Dryandra State Forest and Stirling Ranges.


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