December 2010 - Wayne's World WA Twitchathon 2010 Summary

This is a summary of our team for the WA Twitchathon 2010.  The team was Frank O'Connor, Wayne Merritt, Maris Lauva and Josan Moss.  We found a total of 145 species between 17:00 on Saturday December 11th and 17:00 on Sunday December 12th 2010.  We finished third.  The highest total was by The Big Twits with 152 species.

The summary is in the form of two documents. The Microsoft Word 2003 document WA Twitchathon 2010 Wayne's World.doc contains a summary of our efforts and the bird list.  The Microsoft Excel 2003 document WA Twitchathon 2010 Wayne's World.xls includes a list of the species in the order that we found them, a summary of where we saw them, the planned itinerary and the actual itinerary.

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