Wood Sandpiper Evading A Brown Falcon

On Saturday 20th March 1993 I was observing a Wood Sandpiper alone in a small shallow pool at the Argyle Diamonds Alluvials tailings dam.  I was in a car about 10 to 15 metres away.  The Wood Sandpiper suddenly walked over and stood still in the shade of a small rock about 30cm in the pool.  This seemed strange to me until I looked up and saw a Brown Falcon approaching from about 100 metres away.  The Brown Falcon flew about 10 metres directly above the Wood Sandpiper but apparently did not see it.  The Wood Sandpiper then continued to feed.

The Wood Sandpiper had not seemed to be keeping a lookout for predators.  It had its head down feeding most of the time.  Perhaps it noticed it, or maybe it heard an alarm call from other birds, although there were none in the close vicinity (say within 30 metres).

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